Longterm Agreement With Cemre

October 19th 2020

We spoke to Görkem Uçkan, TRX Marine – General Manager, about new contract with Cemre Shipyard.

TRX Marine has signed a long-term contract with Cemre Shipyard. Acting as technical advisor in the design, procurement and engineering of their new builds. The new build projects, existing and new projects, will be constructed by one of the Turkey’s leader shipbuilder, Cemre Shipyard. TRX Marine will strive challenging design requirements to comply with the requirements of clients and try to increase efficiency and Yard’s capacity, as well as develop and improve of vessel operations.

TRX Marine will guide the shipyard during the build of these new vessels, ensuring it meets the design specification, as well as advising the clients on technical and rules requirements to ensure a high quality and delivery on time. The TRX Marine team will use its experience, knowledge of the ship building, operational and technical expertise to ensure a smooth process from kick-off meeting to delivery.

Görkem Uçkan, General Manager, TRX Marine, said: “We are proud to be working with Cemre Shipyard on their projects and providing our solutions to the various technical and commercial considerations. Not only Solving design challenges but also meeting strategic targets, whether technical, operational or environmental is our job and we do our best work for Cemre and for its clients. We always want to deliver best ship.”

We are looking forward to working with Cemre Shipyard to ensure a smooth and successful deliveries.

For more information, please visit Cemre’s web site via cemreshipyard.com