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Clean Technology


TRX Marine; we provide shipbuilding experiences for our clients in tailor-made new building activities and for modernization projects.  Experienced engineers provide detailed analysis and concept solutions at every stage. TRX consists of shipbuilders by gaining experience with wide range of specialized vessels and have deep experience with its deliveries chemical tankers, bulk carries, container vessels, vessels for offshore energy industries also ferry and luxury passenger vessels, fishing vessels by involving in many projects for management duties. New build deliveries include vessels operating worldwide, especially for Northern European countries’ companies. In addition to, our team consists of experts for system designs, electric integration, outfitting, interior installations and experts for navigation, communication and for network systems. TRX look after every details of ship design, naval architectural analysis and engineering calculations to optimise client’s vessel performance. It is always our duty to coordinate the processes for engineering, construction, and procurement, and the goal is reduction of failure costs.

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TRX Marine; in the scope of engineering services, provides partly or turn-key engineering services in ship building and modernization activities. TRX members has over 20 years’ experience in their fields including naval architecture, marine engineering, interior architecture and navigation & communication engineering and installations. We have considerable expertise in new building projects (procurement, engineering and construction), and for warranty claim handling. We offer project teams and share of technology programs to ship owners worldwide. Our support will be adapted to the client’s needs.

  • Procurement
  • System – Vessel integration and engineering
  • Electrical Design
  • Interior Design
  • Navigation Communication System Design
  • Propulsion and Other Auxiliary Systems’ Design
  • Detail Design – 3D modelling

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TRX has a strong project management track record in new building projects. Engineers are well disciplined for project management. Our Project Management Teams helps to deliver projects of all sizes, either partly or turnkey basis, on a consultancy basis. TRX has a detailed understanding of marine operations, vessel design and system designs. Utilizing our knowledge about and systems for controlling the shipbuilding value chain we offer support to our customers building at the shipyard.

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Low carbon, clean technology in the maritime environment is top on the list for TRX. Electrification is powering by electricity by changing over from an earlier power source. Due to that Electrification is crucial for clean technology based on energy storage solutions for all segments in the maritime industry. Electric ship propulsion systems has the biggest influence on performance, safety and cost-effectiveness. Fuel consumption, as the greatest single cost item and it is the biggest cost-saving potential for a ship’s operation. Moreover, a suitable propulsion system improve the other factors. For instance, low vibration will improve comfort of the Vessel. Integrated electric drive systems assist ship owners to find the right technology for their operations. We get involved with new technology in our deliveries. Our ship building knowledge determine challenges, analyse risks and assess what our clients need in practice for their operations. TRX Marine propose electrification and clean technology installations upon client requests.

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