October 19th 2020

We spoke to Görkem Uçkan, TRX Marine – General Manager, about electrification and hybrid solutions.

Electrification is the process of powering by electricity and applicable for ship’s propulsion including their ancillary systems. Owners can provide cost-saving and emission-reduction by the electrification.

As an innovative solution for ship propulsion, hybrid systems propose many opportunities. This approach to diesel-electric vessels equipped with battery storage systems increases safety, reduces operational costs, improves running expenses. The conventional vessel propulsion system may not meet with these benefits. Various opportunities are available for marine applications by going electric to make your ships “Green”. Electrification makes vessels not only safer, more profitable but also environmentally friendly which is particularly important for climate and decreases environmental footprint. We would like to detail hybrid solutions which have benefits for Owners:

• Reduce fuel consumption and directly reduce operational costs – including gaining heat recovery from each fuel unit

• Less maintenance and repair cost by cutting combustion engine running time and reducing the number of other mechanical components required for conventional propulsion systems

• Reduces combustion = Reduce emissions. Provides better control and improves safety through its energy management and thruster control systems

• Available redundant source of power and propulsion and controlled independently

• Consume less spaces in engine rooms and other technical areas, smaller machinery in terms of sizes

• Smaller Machinery = Reduces installation costs due to simply configuration

• Reduces ship borne noise and vibration = Improves comfort levels for accommodation areas as well as working environment for crew

• Appliable for high-speed and medium-speed engines, even applicable for variable speed engines, flexibility for selection of engines

• Battery power ready to use = No total black out and reduce engine running time, especially peak shaving and provide further savings in fuel and gas emissions

• Increases vessel re-sale value, Same Building Cost but More Efficient Solutions = Better Price

We as Shipbuilders even have been experiencing how this hybrid systems achieves significant benefits for shipping industry. We as TRX Marine has a wealth of experience and capable to propose hybrid solutions for your vessel. In this respect, it should be configuration according to ship’s operation profile by experts with close cooperation of owners and designers.

You may contact with Görkem Uçkan for further details about electrification and hybrid systems through gorkemuckan@trxmarine.com or on +90 (0)532 224 73 61.