TRX Marine has been awarded by Canadian Seaforth Environmental Service to build a Hybrid Electric Boom Tug that can operate on fully electric, zero emission propulsion.

The design of the vessel has been developed by the Canadian design company 3GA Marine Ltd. and the vessel will be the first of her kind. The project number is NB103 and is to be delivered Q2-2024 on a turn-key delivery basis to Seaforth Environmental Service LTD.

The Vessel will be powered by a compact, smart, electric propulsion system using next-generation battery technology to utilize green energy and help reduce emissions. The hybrid power system utilizes both electric propulsion and a diesel generator.  The tug is intended to operate over 90% of the time using electric propulsion and will be charged using clean, shoreside, hydro-electric power.  Significantly reducing emissions, maintenance, and fuel costs.

 These systems will provide the required power for the vessel’s propulsion, and for her operations. The vessel will be equipped with the latest technology & equipment. The future benefits of the technology used for the design of the boom tug are multi-layered. Fuel consumption will be reduced and there will be decreased wear on main engines and gensets. This will ultimately result in lower emissions and less maintenance. Efficiency will be key to this environmentally friendly switch. Greenhouse gas emissions such as NOx and SOx, are decreased. The near silent running of an electric boom Tug adds another aspect of environmental benefit when both shore and sea life enjoy the quiet of the near silent voyage.

TRX would like to thanks to Seaforth Environmental Service Ltd. and 3GA Marine Ltd. for the good cooperation and looking forward to accomplishing such innovative and pioneer Boom tug together with 3GA Marine Ltd. and Seaforth Environmental Service Ltd. 


About TRX

TRX Marine, with its modern facilities, is one of the new building shipyard located in Yalova, Turkey. TRX is building sophisticated and special purpose ships and able to build different types of vessels; fishing vessels, offshore units and workboats.

For further information about TRX, please visit www.trxmarine.com

About Seaforth Environmental Service Ltd

Seaforth Environmental Services is a family-owned, Canadian, oil pollution containment boom manufacturer and service provider, directed by Darrell Brown & Jonathan Brown. Seaforth Environmental Service Ltd. provides custom oil pollution containment solutions & services to all types of marine oil transfer facilities.

About 3GA Marine Ltd

3GA Marine Ltd. is a ship design company, located in Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada’s Pacific Gateway and providing engineering, project support, and consulting services. 3GA Marine Ltd. is at the helm of this green energy project for hybridization.