Personel Data Protection

TRX Gemi İnşa Denizcilik ve Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. (“TRX Marine”) provides service in ship building sector adopting customer information security, personal data protection.

TRX Marine’s web site shall be named as “Website” from now.

  1. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The Website offers information regarding the services offered by our Company, fields of activities and introduction of our company facilities.

All kinds of financial and intellectual property rights, real and personal rights including rights for business knowledge and experience are reserved. All registered or unregistered intellectual property rights such as title, enterprise name, brand, patent, logo, design, text, image, icon, information and method involved in the Website are belonging to TRX Marine.

The User accept, declare and commit that he/she will not violate intellectual property rights all kinds of information, content and documents such, belonging to TRX Marine and/or another third party by visiting and using the Website.

He/she will accept, declare and commit that he/she will not use whole or part of Website and will not compete with the TRX Marine directly or indirectly by using Website contents without permit of TRX Marine.

The User accepts and declares that TRX Marine have not any responsibility from using whole or part of all kinds of visual and audial contents such as any text, information, comment, opinion, news, image, picture, figure, graphic, logo, brand and icon involved in the Website.

  1. Personal Data Protection

TRX Marine obtains only information from its customers.

TRX Marine has adopted to protect privacy of the visitors. TRX Marine takes necessary technical and administrative measures intended to supply appropriate security level protection of personal data within the scope of the relevant legal legislation. It keeps system infrastructure and internet software at most reliable level in order to process. The information provided by the User cannot be displayed by other internet users. The system allowing to visit and to obtain information regarding services and company opportunities by Users without providing any information has been established in the Website.

Any different institutions companies working with TRX Marine shall obey the privacy standards and conditions of the company.

TRX Marine does not request to share credit card information of the User under no circumstances. It is required not to share credit card information and should be noted that no communication tool in this manner is not came from TRX Marine.

Users accept, this Privacy/Personal Data Protection Policy, and give permit us to collect, keep, process and use of your personal data that you give consent to share with TRX Marine for purposes specified in this Privacy Policy and to transfer to the third parties which our company has contractual relationships and their details is specified above.

Turkish Law shall be applied in implementation, interpretation of this Agreement or in case of any dispute regarding Website or related to Website.

In order to protect personal information of our Clients and Website Users, our company has taken necessary measures by keeping system and internet infrastructure. For further information regarding the subjects, you may contact with us.


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