Visit to KILIÇ Holding

October 30th, 2020

TRX Marine visited KILIÇ HOLDİNG to meet with the biggest fish producer of Turkey. (Pictured from left to right; Samet Cirlak, Görkem Uçkan, Vedat Doğusel, Orhan Kılıç (Chairman of KILIÇ Holding) and Orhan Dinç.

It was exciting to discuss about aqua culture activities in Turkey. We as TRX marine has deep experience for new buildings and for modernization of existing vessels being operated worldwide, especially in Northern European countries. We have provided some information about our activities and about our experiences / deliveries for aqua culture such as live fish carriers, net cleaners, work boats and fish farm projects.

It was interesting for Kılıç Holding and they have briefly informed us about their activities and investments in near future. Further to new buildings, we discussed about possible R&D projects and modernization for existing vessels. We confirmed that TRX Marine is always ready to work, upon request. KILIÇ Holding owns their fleet with different size and type of vessels; feeding barges, fish handling vessels, cargo vessels and harvesting vessels etc, with a total number exceeding one hundred.

We thanks to Kılıç Holding for accepting our request and happy to meet with them. As highlighted, it was great opportunity for us to present TRX Marine and provide information about our activities in marine industry. Also, we are proud to be witness that fish farm activities are professionally being operated by Kılıç Holding and they are contributing the society and the national economy continuously.

About Kılıç holding; the company is founded in 1990 and establish the first fish farm. After successful years, they have focused fish farming. Today, they are proceeding as a worldwide company. For more, you may visit their web site

You may contact with Görkem Uçkan for further details about aqua culture projects through or on +90 (0)532 224 73 61.