October 31th, 2020

TRX Marine visited Lighthouse Ship Brokers to present TRX marine and exchange information about shipping industry, as well as new building projects. (Pictured from left to right; Vedat Doğusel, Alp Saat (Director of LSB), Samet Cirlak and Görkem Uçkan.

After TRX presentation, it was interesting to discuss about chemical tankers and new building projects. TRX Marine has deep experience about chemical tankers and operational requirements, so we are eager to improve systems installed onboard for new building projects. Commercial activities are always fluctuating according to market demands and global developments. However, it is always requested by ship owners to renew their fleet to improve their services. Also, it is required to comply with IMO emission rules after new year. Due to that, some of Owners are interested in LNG driven or LNG ready vessels, if feasible. We have promoted battery and hybrid technologies and how it will improve ship operations. Due to installation and equipment cost, it may be “not feasible” for today, however the over-riding fuel consumption of existing systems has significant impact when it comes to long term feasibility studies. Also, this is such question mark when battery hybrid solutions will be implemented into commercial projects while it is offering various benefits for ship owners. This is such opportunity for new build projects to have battery installed or ready at least, we have discussed with Mr. Alp Saat.

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