TRX Marine has been awarded by French Ecofluv for building the Battery Hybrid River Cargo Vessel that can operate on fully electric, zero emission.

The design of the vessel has been developed by the French design company Arco Marine and TRX Shipyard in cooperation with Ecofluv, and the vessel will be the first of her kind. The project number is NB102 and to delivered Q3-2023 on turn-key delivery basis to Ecofluv.

The Vessel will be powered by batteries with compact and smart electric & propulsion system delivered by Transfluid, capable of sailing on green energy, which will reduce emissions. These systems will provide the required power for the vessel’s propulsion, and for cargo handling operations. The vessel will be equipped with modern equipment for a wide range of missions. In addition to main battery system for propulsors, there are solar panels for charging the battery and this stored energy to power hotel load and other auxiliary systems. Due to be that Vessel can maintain operating on electric only, without running generators.

TRX would like to thanks to Ecofluv and Arco for the good cooperation and looking forward to accomplishing such innovative and pioneer River Cargo Vessel together with Arco, Transfluid and Ecofluv.

About TRX

TRX Marine, with its modern facilities, is one of the new building shipyard located in Yalova, Turkey. TRX is building sophisticated and special purpose ships and able to build different types of vessels; fishing vessels, offshore units, and ferry/passenger vessels.

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About Ecofluv

Ecofluv is a French shipping company and service provider, directed by Dario Malcuit. Ecofluv is specialist in river shipping market. Ecofluv currently has a modern fleet of specialized cargo vessels and always has vessels and crews working on French Rivers, and occasionally also in Central Europe.

About Arco Marine 

Arco Marine is a ship design company. Established since 2001 at St-Nazaire in France, Arco Marine is an office specialized under naval architecture and engineering. Since its inception, the company has been in progress in the sectors of ship building, refit and repair. Arco Marine provides the basic design and structure calculation, stability booklet, for TRX in this project.