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October 31th, 2020 TRX Marine visited Lighthouse Ship Brokers to present TRX marine and exchange information about shipping industry, as well as new building projects. (Pictured from left to right; Vedat Doğusel, Alp Saat (Director of LSB), Samet Cirlak and Görkem...
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Visit to KILIÇ Holding

October 30th, 2020 TRX Marine visited KILIÇ HOLDİNG to meet with the biggest fish producer of Turkey. (Pictured from left to right; Samet Cirlak, Görkem Uçkan, Vedat Doğusel, Orhan Kılıç (Chairman of KILIÇ Holding) and Orhan Dinç. It was exciting...
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October 19th 2020 We spoke to Görkem Uçkan, TRX Marine – General Manager, about electrification and hybrid solutions. Electrification is the process of powering by electricity and applicable for ship’s propulsion including their ancillary systems. Owners can provide cost-saving and emission-reduction by the...
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Emission Control After 2020

We spoke to Görkem Uçkan, TRX Marine – General Manager, about new emission regulations.
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Message from Our General Manager

October 19th 2020 In 2019, some developments in economies had some positive impact on ship building sector and also supported the rebalancing process in Turkey. We have finished 2019 with positive results and expectations for 2020. In 2020, the pandemic...
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