Kasım 3, 2020
October 31th, 2020 TRX Marine visited Lighthouse Ship Brokers to present TRX marine and exchange information about shipping industry, as well as new building projects. (Pictured from left to right; Vedat Doğusel, Alp Saat (Director of LSB), Samet Cirlak and Görkem Uçkan. After TRX presentation, it was interesting to discuss about chemical tankers and new building...
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October 30th, 2020 TRX Marine visited KILIÇ HOLDİNG to meet with the biggest fish producer of Turkey. (Pictured from left to right; Samet Cirlak, Görkem Uçkan, Vedat Doğusel, Orhan Kılıç (Chairman of KILIÇ Holding) and Orhan Dinç. It was exciting to discuss about aqua culture activities in Turkey. We as TRX marine has deep experience...
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TRX Marine

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